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This book builds upon the solid foundation of information set by the first edition. It provides readers with the single most comprehensive, up-to-date breakfast cereal resources. Breakfast Cereals and How They Are Made, 2nd Edition fulfills the need for updated and new breakfast cereal information generated by the increased importance and consumption of breakfast cereals worldwide.

All of the chapters in this new book have been updated or significantly revised. Information on contemporary topics such as new developments in equipment and technology, the expansion of computer control within the industry, advances in nutritional knowledge, and environmental issues in breakfast cereal manufacturing have been added. It is is international in scope, using S.I. units of measurements as well as those common in North America. International coverage of process equipment is also covered.

The novice or seasoned professional working in product development, process engineering, technical sales, nutrition, sensory analysis, packaging, or quality assurance is sure to benefit from the in-depth information presented in Breakfast Cereals and How They Are Made, 2nd Edition.

The Second Edition will help you boost productivity and improve product quality:

  • Improved attention to starch as a polymer and its processing characteristics as they affect tempering, preconditioning and flaking
  • Enhanced international coverage of process equipment
  • Increased detailed treatment of automation and computer control in processing
  • Expanded practical and regulatory information on environmental issues
  • Enlarged listing of manufacturers of processing and packaging equipment

Breakfast Cereals and How They Are Made, Second Edition

The Cereal Grains

Manufacturing Technology of Ready-to-Eat Cereals

Unit Operations and Equipment. I. Blending and Cooking

Unit Operations and Equipment. II. Drying and Dryers

Unit Operations and Equipment. III. Tempering, Flaking and Toasting

Unit Operations and Equipment. IV. Extrusion and Extruders

Application of Nutritional and Flavoring/Sweetening Coatings

Hot Cereals

Packaging of Breakfast Cereals: Materials and Machinery

Fortification and Preservation of Breakfast Cereals

Cereal Nutrition

Quality in Breakfast Cereals

Computer Control in the Breakfast Cereal Industry

Environmental Issues in Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing

Appendix A - Partial list of Manufacturers of Equipment for Processing and Packaging of Breakfast Cereals
Appendix B - Additional References

“...highly recommend this book as a general reference and a university-level textbook, and for use by individuals in the RTE industry.”

“…builds upon the solid foundation of information set by the first edition…provides readers with the single most comprehensive, up-to-date breakfast cereal resources.”
—Beverage and Food World

“…invaluable for professionals in all branches of the cereal industry.”
—Carbohydrate Polymers

Publish Date: 2000
Format: 6" x 9" hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-891127-15-1
Pages: 562
Images: 190 images
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Robert B. Fast and Elwood F. Caldwell

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